Male Escorts around the World

Hey Boys, I’ve always been fascinated by Male Escorts from around the World. Maybe because I myself started off very early in my teens on an extended holiday to Barcelona in Spain. Without speaking any spanish my friend Tommy and me left at the end of our High School Year with a bus from Hamburg – Germany to Barcelona. We picked Barcelona because it was the closest  major City with city beaches..Two Days later we arrived in Barcelona and rented a small room in a Hostel. It took us just a few days until we found the perfect place for us to hang out with sexy Spanish boys to learn the language and even make some money. We Started working at Neron  the house of boys complete with round bedded suites, jacuzzi, air conditioning. We had a blast spending our nights there after the beach. I have many Stories I can share about these days sometimes.. We also worked at Thermas Sauna Barcelona . The entire Adventure stretched out over a period of over a Year..In the end I went back home to Hamburg to study, my bag filled with hot memories and fluent in Spanish..

Years later living here in New York I’m still captured by the stories of working boys thru out the world. Today I will take you Guys to India ! Please watch this video this documentary where gay sex is not as accepted yet but evolving, far from my experience in Spain… Saludo’ Sascha  …and make sure to check back on for more new updates on  the countless new guys in  ” RENTMEN NEWEST ” in your City and around the Globe, on the worlds largest Male Escort Video Website