Pierre Fitch

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Happy New Year 2012

As my obsession with Porn Stars continues today, I came across one of the sexiest and one of my favorite Porn Stars all off all time! I have been following Pierre’s career closely since I’m a big Porn movie addict myself, so its been exiting to see the adventures of this hot canadian stud so I have to get this out of the way right off. Its probably the most interesting thing I’ve read about a porn star so far. Canadian Pierre Fitch calls his 8 inch dick Nemo. Thats right. Nemo.

Born outside of Ontario, Canada, Pierre has said that growing up, he always dreamed about being a gay porn star (I’m guessing ‘growing up’ means around 13 or 14 years old, but you never know). He said he loved sex and thought it would make a perfect career-Check out his website too and enjoy this Documentary about Pierre

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