RentMen Dante and Kyle

Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 5.13.08 AM

 Dante Oliver      Dante Oliver – Nice, France – Stunning 20 year old physical wonderland with a monster magic wand. Kyle KingKyle King – Dallas, Texas – Very handsome and built small town guy, well groomed and educated. – The Best Escort/Client Interface!

Client Testimonial (countryboyny) – “I enjoy Rentmen for it’s various features. I like it that I have a profile in which I describe myself for any prospective hire to look at and get a sense of who I am. You can make blog posts on an escort’s profile (once he approves). The features “available now” and various searches are much easier to use, and much faster than RB. I always encourage escorts who don’t advertise there to take a look at it. If all other things are equal, I give preference to the guy who advertises on Rentmen.” – The Only App In The Escort Business!

RentMen iPhone App – The only iPhone & iPad App in the Escort business. Login to RentMen on your iPhone and follow the PopUp directions to install the RentMen App on your device! Go to rentmen mobile at

RentMen Facts – Some Of The Hot Features Of RentMen!

Get an idea of some of the hot features … Read what we offer why rentmen is best Male Escort Website

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