Unfortunate encounter

This is the Story of Michael Stuart a genuine Escort Website Fan and Customer, and his unfortunate ordeal in Florida. I like to inform  you that all necessary actions have been taken by Rentmen.com as well as the other websites to remove his predators Contact Information and hopefully ban him from all other possible outlets to post his ad, as the case is still under our investigation it is save to say that this is a very rare experience to life thru, in the 12 years I’ve been involved  in the Male Escort business I have fortunately never had a criminal incident, of course trust me there have been some scary moments, but so far I have heard very few stories from escorts & clients alike. Unfortunately there are black sheep among us but I do believe in Karma and I’m sure what goes around comes around ..I also like to mention that I good portion and I would say almost 80% of the Escorts on our site are in some  way communicating   with us on a regular basis, many I know personally others from phone calls video Interviews or just Costumer Support. The obvious advantage of our beautiful new designed Rentmen.com 2.0 website, are the Videos the Videos Interviews but also the 1000’s of clips our Guys upload all the time, it just gives you a real idea of who you are going to meet and who really turns you on!

The following text is from Michael written to our Costumer Service Team : 

This email is to inform you of an incident that happened to me when I used rentboy. The escorts ad was removed this morning. Please file the number away in case he tries to open an account with you. I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

I was in Florida this past week in Orlando and went to several gayescort sites (finding you through google). I saw the ad on your site (rentboy) (JACKNCOKE12) and called him on April 17th (Wednesday) evening using the number provided on your site. I called the escort and chatted with him. He told me that he was leaving to California Friday and would not a have a car.  I would have to go to him. He told me 240 dollars would be fine instead of 250-300. He gave me the address of 5800 Folkstone Lane in Orlando. I drove out to his area and called him when I was down the street from his place. He happened to be waiting for me outside and said hello. He said to follow him to the door. We stood as his front door to the condo/apartment. He asked me to show him the money so I pulled it out and showed him. He then said that he would prefer to be paid in advance. I gave him the money and he said that he would open the door for me but he needed to enter by the back patio since his dog would bark in a frenzy. He began to walk towards the back (thinking their was a back door). I felt their was something wrong. I went back to see what he was doing and that’s when he showed the knife and then bolted as fast as he could. I could see him run around other building until he was out of site. He used a darkened home to plan this and take my money. I thought of calling the police (still not sure) and telling them what he is doing. I am not sure if he is using other pictures (since the person I meet was not the same person in the pictures (he wore a cap)) or is changing his ads. He may be changing his pictures using others) to set up his frauding others. His telephone number listed are 1-310-505-4881. Please make sure he does not tarnish your reputation, harm your business since I am sure your site is a good one or do this to anyone else. I am hurt and devastated since I have to save money to hire someone. If you would like more information please don’t hesitate to email me I am also warning the other sites that list him.

Kind Regards

…and make sure to check back on Rentmen.com for more new updates on the countless new guys in  ” RENTMEN NEWEST ” in your City and around the Globe, on the worlds largest Male Escort Video Website

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