Francois Sagat

Yet another very popular Gay Porn Star had added a music video into his archive, the sexy french porn star Francois Sagat and François  is known for many things, and not just for the things he’s done in bed as a porn star. I saw just recently Bruce Labruce’s movie LA Zombie with him in the leading role, my friend brought it over to me knowing that I love porn and zombie movies, I was not quite sure what to expect;) enjoy this trailer:

But Francois also starred a minor role in  Saw VI and Homme au bain. With his connections to mainstream artists and photographers— such as German designer Bernhard Willhelm and photographers Lukas Wassmann and Terry Richardson— it’s no wonder that he’s branched out once more, this time with New York’s Museum of Art and Design.The institution is devoting three days to Sagat, showcasing a few of his adult films, two of his feature films as well as the U.S. premiere of Sagat: The Documentary. “This is the most interesting thing, I think,” Sagat says in the interview. “It’s more… not surprising, but more interesting to show that than trying to show the fiction. It’s a new angle of my image. I’m still overwhelmed that I’ve been invited.”

Sagat is clearly excited about this new direction, and understands that as an adult performer he’s got a shelf-life. “…I’m aging,” he observes. “I’m 32 and I’m not 25 anymore and the audience is changing very fast now with the Internet, and people are forgetting about people faster than before. I guess I disappeared for some people.”That said, he doesn’t think he’ll be leaving the industry soon. His new adult film Incubus, from powerhouse Titan Media, will have him showing off his goods again this December. “I’m very careful of what I’m doing and the way I’m doing it, and if it’s porn I’m always very careful and picky about it.”

Check out this music video by France de Griesen starring Francois Sagat..

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