Why Is It That RentMen Is So Good?

If you are somehow still wondering why RentMen.com is so good, take a look at Carpathio and Mike Gaite. RentMen is your portal to their hot pictures, teasing videos, motivating your passions with their reviews, personal interviews and their impressions in the Blog. And the perfect part is – you can get them home! And there are thousands more from all points of the globe. Simply guys… what could be better?

CARPATHIO – ,,I’m 36 years old, friendly, very easy to speak with and I have a tendency to ignite pleasure fuses very quickly – Basically I fill many roles.”

MikeGaite – ,,Adult film star and discreet professional. Kissing a must. Genuinely attracted to people of all ages and sizes.”

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Get your RentMen Equinox! Adam & Max


Perfect balance – it’s all about finding that perfect balance in our lives and only today nature gives you the perfect balance between day and night, light and dark. RentMen provides you with the perfect balance of men from all over the globe – and this week betweenMaxSargent and SimplyAdam. Get your RentMen Equinox – this is what we call perfectly balanced satisfaction.

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Top 5 Dog Breeds to Fetch a Date

It doesn’t take a genius to realize the potential joy that can be yours from having a furry four-legged friend in your life.

Dogs are a source of unconditional love – even when we’re in a totally bitchy mood.

They shower us with affection each time we return home, love to cuddle, and never judge us for bingeing on Ben & Jerry’s while streaming a Julia Roberts marathon on Netflix.

But as every gay man knows, dogs can also provide the perfect excuse for that hot guy to chat you up while you’re on a walk with your pup in the park.

However, contrary to popular belief, not all dogs have the power to turn you into a dude magnet. In fact, some breeds of man’s best friend can actually hurt your chances for scoring a potential date.

The top five types of dogs that make guys irresistible and more attractive are:

5. French Bulldogs

4. Siberian Huskies

3. Labrador Retrievers

2. Golden Retrievers

1. German Shepherds

Other interesting tidbits the study uncovered were:

– People were twice as likely to see a man who owns a Boxer, a Bulldog or Rottweiler as just a “hook up” than a man who owns a Pit Bull or Labrador Retriever.
– People are over 10 times more likely to see a man who owns a Golden Retriever and 3 times more likely to see a man who owns a German Shepherd as “marriage material” or “boyfriend material,” than a man who owns a Pit Bull.

Article by Jase Peeples
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5 Criminal Acts of Sex and Dating

The crimes of dating may not hold up in a court of law, but there are still consequences when you are found guilty. As much as you try to outrun your reputation, it has a tendancy to stick with you. So if you want to get out and date, you better take care not to rack up a record.

Here are five criminal acts of sex and dating:

1. Leading him on just to get laid.

The Scene of the Crime: You knew that you weren’t interested in more than something casual and you probably won’t call after a night or two of fun. But it’s clear that he thinks it may be something more and you have no problem with leading him on to get what you want.
The Punishment: He and his will subject you to dirty looks and a bad reputation for far longer than what you think is reasonable. For years afterward, when he sees you, he will look like he just bit into a lemon.

2. Lying about your interests to make him like you.

The Scene of the Crime: You can’t believe that you’ve landed such a great guy and you don’t want to let him get away. So instead of just being yourself and seeing if he feels the same way about you, you try to be the man he wants you to be.
The Punishment: Inevitably, the truth will come out and you will be subjected to watching a man realize he was duped. You were fine just the way you were, until you lied about it.

3. Cheating on him and putting his sexual health in danger.

The Scene of the Crime: This is a case that consists of multiple charges. It is certainly a crime of its own to step out on your significant other and be unfaithful. But it is far worse to have unprotected sex with someone else and put your significant other at risk for a sexually transmitted infection without their knowledge.
The Punishment: The pain and anguish that you will cause your partner pale in comparison to the guilt and regret you will be sentenced to live with for the rest of your days.

By: Tyler Curry
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Just a Click From Your Star – Alexander & Rikk


Just a Click From Your Star – Alexander & Rikk

If you are looking for a Star, we have a secret to tell you! You are at the wrong place! Your mailbox is definitely not the place to find him. But we have a special link for you to follow – RentMen.com. Your shortcut to the Stars, like Alexander and Rikk is exactly RentMen.com Everyone is a Star on RentMen – and that distinguishes us from the others!

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Your RentMen Is Knocking On The Door – Crasto & David

Someone’s knocking on the door…your heart beat accelerates and you take a deep breath. You love that feeling!? It doesn’t really matter where are you, America or Europe, we have thousands of RentMen like Crasto and David ready to ring your bell or knock your door and give their best experience in satisfaction. Don’t waste your time with boring stuff and go to RentMen.com to get your premium guy for tonight.

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