Mild or wild, or maybe both? Only RentMen gives you a special selection where seemingly impossible things may come together. From Red British Beef like Steve to masters of Dark Fantasies like Dolf, we provide you an outstanding collection – then you are the one who picks among all of these thousands of RentMen choices from all around this glorious planet!

,,Hi, Steve here. Red British Beef From Mild to Wild. I can offer a nice massage or a
wild time to make your darkest of dreams come true.”

,,Hi guys, I am Dolf – an aggressive tattooed RentMEN to service all your dark
fantasies. And I am not alone!”

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Escort Q: How do I negotiate a long-term arrangement?

“I started doing this work last summer, and it’s been great! I have my first wealthy repeat client who wants me in his life and understands the terms. What advice could you suggest for this?”

“Right now, we have terms for hour, evening and weekends. For a longer arrangement,I am thinking a “salary” Suggestions?”

Thanks for writing.
Start with a weekly salary, always at the beginning of the week. I don’t know how often he expects to see you, so your salary may vary. If he wants you over 3x a week for a couple of hours to an evening, it’s reasonable to charge your weekend rate as a weekly base.

It’s very rare a visitor will offer a long-term arrangement like the one your date is proposing, and even more so to keep the effort up.

Trust is built over time, not instant. Expect only what has been offered to you before. Promises are only words until there is action placed behind them.

Do awesome!

Escort Q: What do I do if a visitor can’t finish?

Sometimes that magic moment doesn’t happen. What then?
It happens more often than many people realize.
Common reasons are because of taking medications, such as antidepressants. Asthma, allergies, colds or even jetlag can contribute.
Older dates may have prostate problems or be cancer survivors.
Diabetes or other health problems may play a factor.

Here are some tips to help make the moment happen AND what to do when it doesn’t.

1) It’s all about oxygen. You get someone more air, you increase their chances of the finale. Give them air, make them take deep breaths.
If you kiss, a sexy way to help them is to breathe into their lungs as they inhale.
You can also match your breathing pattern to theirs. When your breathing is in sync, you can guide them like a dance partner to help them breathe better.

2) Relax the butt and hip muscles. When they are tense, the moment is harder to reach. Massage them or stretch them and let them unwind.

3) Apply pressure gently to the lower abdomen where it meets the hip. if you can hit both sides with your hand, even better. By pushing in and upwards, you stimulate the prostate
and more of the nerve endings.

4) Be super calm and relaxed. If they feel you are getting frustrated or hurried, they will become self conscious and upset. Never let them see you sweat.

Okay, so it didn’t thappen. Now what?

Worst case scenario is that they don’t pay you. This has happened to me once in Boston in 2010.
He was the kind of visitor that arrived 2 hours late, high on drugs, with bad hygiene
and an enormous sense of entitlement.
An hour felt like an eternity and he didn’t even apologize for being so late. So of course, he felt he shouldn’t honor my time.

With one movement, I snatched the money right out of his pocket. He was so stunned that he paused, and I told him to leave.
(that was a REALLY lucky snatch, I am not trained at all)

That said, 99 percent of the time, your date will not hold it against you if they cannot finish. What they appreciate is that you make an honest effort
for them to feel good about themselves. Often, they want to see you feel good instead. They will experience pleasure and satisfaction if you
reach the moment for them. Kindness+sexiness is a winning combination for your life.

RENTMEN Is Calling You From Europe!


RENTMEN would like to welcome you to Europe! From the South East in ancient Athens Alexandros is waiting to fulfill your fantasies and desires, to North Western Europe where in rainy London Jay will provide you unforgettable experience. Of course, there are thousands of opportunities for great RENTMEN experiences all over the planet but, now that spring has arrived – Let’s plan Europe!

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Why Is It That RentMen Is So Good?

If you are somehow still wondering why is so good, take a look at Carpathio and Mike Gaite. RentMen is your portal to their hot pictures, teasing videos, motivating your passions with their reviews, personal interviews and their impressions in the Blog. And the perfect part is – you can get them home! And there are thousands more from all points of the globe. Simply guys… what could be better?

CARPATHIO – ,,I’m 36 years old, friendly, very easy to speak with and I have a tendency to ignite pleasure fuses very quickly – Basically I fill many roles.”

MikeGaite – ,,Adult film star and discreet professional. Kissing a must. Genuinely attracted to people of all ages and sizes.”

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