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Wet, Hard & Ready! – Casey & Mitch

We got two guys for your classic cop fantasy so get out and spread ‘em! Want to play Bad Cop, Good Cop? Mitch and Casey and passionate, built, friendly and ready for your call. Or you can choose from literally 1000’s of other men from all corners of the globe, only on

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Meet the Angel Face Armando Leone


Armando is 27 years old italian stallion in New York City.He has been escorting for 7 years. Enjoys meeting different kind of people. But the most he likes are those clients who are into stripping, PNP and groups. He says he loves his job, does it with passion and enthusiasm. ,,I am born to do it!” Armando says.

From his personal profile page:
,,Straight looking & act, versatile in roles, bi-sexual, 8 inches uncut into many kinds from vanilla to kinky, 3ways, group, leather and sports gears, Fisting, I do kiss, rimming, dirty, stripping, muscle worship, PNP, role plays, S&M, Feet/Shoes and much more..”

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Get To Know The Smart & Sexy Rocco Steele


Rocco, who currently lives in New York City, is becoming a rising star in the adult world and has developed quite the fan following in a short period of time, something that many stars in any arena can take years to do so.  His good looks on top of his good performances have left his fans wanting more and he has delivered ten fold in everything that he has done so far.

So Rocco, tell me how you got your start in this industry.

I started escorting two years ago. A couple of studios approached me once they saw my ad, and I just wasn’t ready at that point. Back then I was working a corporate job and the time wasn’t right for obvious reasons. So when I left my corporate job a few months ago I decided to start my own business. I thought this would be a perfect time to enter the industry. Because I’m starting a business, I have a set goal in terms of timeline for this. I won’t be able to be doing this for a very long time. I’m using this as a means to an end, but at the same time I really enjoy it and want to have fun while doing it. So all in all it was about timing and the timing itself just happened to be right.

There are a lot of guys who can get sucked into this kind of “porn culture” with the partying, drinking, drugs and whatnot. Do you think it’s easy to navigate this world and get out the same way you came in?

It will be for me because I consider myself fairly well- grounded. I have a strong, spiritual background and a very strong support network, especially in New York City. Also, I’ve been clean and sober for over 15 years, so that helps a lot and my work in recovery gives me the tools to bring a lot of integrity to the table. I realize that with any given shoot, it’s not about me…it’s about showing up and giving the studio the best end-product I can – bringing my A-game, taking direction, etc. My recovery also allows me to stay level-headed and focused on my own goals and objectives – specifically, to do this for a certain period of time, while I am starting my business. So for me, it’s easy to navigate and stay away from the distractions of partying, drugs, etc.



Something that is big in not only porn culture but gay culture in fact is the phenomenon of the “daddy”, which you seem to embody in a lot of the scenes you do. What are your thoughts on it, in particular younger guys my age always seeing older men as that type?

I think its definitely here to stay. There were always daddies, it just doesn’t seem like there was an obsession like there is now. I came from the generation of gays (in the 90’s) where we all wanted to be super buff, in contrast to the 70’s and 80’s, where gay men were fit but not as muscular and big. The 90’s were different in that sense, where it was all about getting big. My generation of gays are now growing up and are in their 40s and 50s and we are maintaining those bodies. I think this is appealing to the younger generation of gays…big strong daddies with big muscles…but that’s just my theory.

Tell me about your first scene, what was it like? Were you nervous, excited?

He doesn’t realize this but Ray Dragon was pivotal in getting me there. He was somebody I had been talking to on and off for the past 18 months or so about entering porn. I knew that when and if I was ready, I would do my first scene for Ray. I would approach him every so often with questions about it and he would answer them for me and tell me to let him know when I was ready. When I decided to finally do it a few months ago, I reached out to Ray again. He was so great and took the time and talked to me on the phone. Because I had been so hesitant for awhile, He wanted to make sure I was making the right decision. That was something I really appreciated about Ray – he was very professional , compassionate and understanding of my personal decision making process.

My first scene was a solo scene for Ray Dragon. I took a train to his studio in Beacon, New York. I wasn’t stressed or anxious because I knew it was for Ray and he already put me at ease and managed my expectations. When I got there, he set up the scene and again walked me through everything. The set was an army tent. It was really a sexy set, and with the army attire, it was so easy to get into it and do what I had to do. Before I knew it, the scene was over.

Prior to the scene, I said to myself, “Let’s see how this goes. If it’s horrifying and a disaster, I won’t do it again”. But it was a really fun and an amazing experience and I knew on the train ride home it was what I wanted to continue doing.

Barebacking in the industry is becoming huge, even the mainstream ones are bending how they used to do things and allowing it into some of their scenes. What is your take on this?

I do bareback porn and I do condom porn, and it mirrors my life. When I meet and ultimately have sex with a negative guy, I am responsible and we are safe and use condoms. If the guy is on PrEp and tells me he wants bareback, we decide to do that as two consenting adults. I have read a lot of the recent research out about transmission of HIV when one partner is negative and the other is undetectable. Although risk factor is extremely low, there is still a risk so I need to be responsible in my life to prevent further transmission.

The same is how I like to approach my views on bareback in porn. I think there are studios that present it more responsibly than others. I think we have a responsibility even in bareback porn to educate how it can be done responsibly and I try to align myself with those studios who present it that way. I will never be that guy who vocally supports bareback porn over safe sex but it exists, so let’s be responsible about it.

Is there anyone you are dying to work with in the industry?

I’m kind of obsessed with Marcus Isaacs, I don’t know why. I do love that I am staying open to directors choosing partners for me because it makes it exciting – but for some reason I keep going back to Marcus, when I see his scenes and pictures- that’s my type. I mean, If I have a type , it’s him.
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15 Makeover Tips To Attract More Guys

Guys need a makeover from time to time. I’m a firm believer that beauty is on the inside, but you’re only alive once. Sometimes we need a little help to let our outside reflect what’s underneath. Why not be the best “you” you can be? Here are a few ways to help you get there:


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I’m not even talking about hygiene (although that’s on top of the list). A clean apartment is crucial to refilling your confidence – it is, after , the place you call home. You wake up and go to sleep inside its energy, so it’s best to make it great. The same can be said with your car, your closet, and your office. When there’s less clutter, there is more space to fill with positive reinforcements.



If you enjoy looking like a skater, more power to you! Just know that you’re probably going to attract other like-minded (and like-dressed) guys. No matter what your style is, you should always consider finding an amazing tailor. A few little fixes on your favorite shirts and pants will go a long way. If you ask me, every man should have at least one tailored suit and one pair of clean dress shoes. I love a man who knows how to clean up.

Invest in an iron or steamer, and actually use it. Personally, I don’t have a set “style” I look for when scouting attractive men from afar, but one thing I do take into account is how they feel when they’re wearing it. How considerate are they when it comes to their regular everyday outfits? Do they take any kind if pride in their appearance? A man who is just as confident in outside layers as well as the inside ones is always going to steal attention.


The only way anything becomes a flaw is because you tell it so. Trust me, when you own your bald spot, love handles, large forehead, or anything else you think is a flaw, the world has no choice but to do the same.


My suggestions are cocktail mixing, cooking, and music. In other words, know how to cook one (or two) amazing meals, know how to make a few kick ass cocktails, and learn one or two songs on the guitar or piano. No matter where you show up, seeing a man that is good at something is always going to attract more eyeballs. Hearing someone say “Have you ever had a really good sex on the beach?” can be a huge turn on. is a great resource (I use it the time!).


We have natural odors that are attractive to other humans because, well, we’re also human. Besides the obvious tips like showering with antiperspirant soap, using deodorant, and washing your clothes well, there are other little tips you might benefit from.

Lotions are a great way to both moisturize and create a sensual essence beneath your clothing. Body creams with lavender and lemon inside are my favorite (they make your sweat smell delicious). Pheromones are also a great tip – they can be found in any sex shop. Get the ones that aren’t inside a cologne, but rather a separate oil with a dapper. Dap the sides of your neck without rubbing in and on the back of your hands. This will get into your blood stream much faster. Lastly, believe it or not, there is a proper way to spray cologne: half a pump on each pulse point on your wrist. Then a quick dab behind the ear. Always keep a few baby wipes in your car or bag as well. You never know when you might need them.


I’m a firm believer that every man needs to upkeep his body hair to a certain degree. I’ve been attracted to both smooth bodies and hairy ones, and one thing they both have in common is a consideration of balance. We might be apes, but we’re intelligent apes. If we want to be natural, we can at least brush it a few times a week. For God’s sake.


It’s time to work on your people skills. You don’t need to donate every conversation in order to make a good impression. Gay guys in particularly feel the need to over compensate themselves. We think we need to be the life of the party to be liked, but sadly we take it to a bad level that’s rarely reversible.


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I don’t have a problem with you going to Super Cuts so long as your hairdresser delivers what you want and knows what works best for you. Your hair is a powerful accessory. As men, we don’t have many opportunities to accessorize so experimenting with hair is an incredible thing to do. Your hair should speak a thousand words about who you are inside – never resort to getting the cheap end of the stick because, in the long run, you’d only be saving $20 – $30. Big deal!

Great barbers and hairstylists are found through word of mouth. Ask a friend (who’s hair you love) any they might recommend.


If waking up, driving to work, coming home, watching to TV, and going to bed is your daily routine, you need a serious makeover. Having an hour of physical activity a day increases your blood flow, feeds your cells (which give you better skin), and allows your muscles to be toned. One of the easiest things you can do are pushups, sit-ups, lunges, squats, crunches, even yoga alone at home. These are baby steps that should inspire you to seek more advanced activities. Throwing yourself out there by going to the gym, park, mall, beach, pool, farmer’s market, etc. will increase your chances of attracting other people because, surprise surprise, they’ll SEE YOU OUT IN THE OPEN.

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James & Israel Oka


It’s Showtime Guys! James & Israel

James and Israel are backstage waiting for the curtain to rise to knock your socks off with the performance of your lifetime. They know how to get the show started and have the talent to bring the house down with a standing ovation! Check out these two newcomers or choose from 1000’s of other types of men all across our wondrous blue planet – only on