Rentmen Exclusive Interview: MichaelDyson – Male Escort in London, UK


RentMen: When you meet a new client how did you know where to start?
MichaelDyson: Depends no the situation, if he reacts shy i would first talk with him, ask him if he is ok, offer something to drink. If someone gives me the feeling he want to play directly, i would start …

RentMen: If a client asks you would u do role playing? What types? What roles are you great at?
MichaelDyson: Like role play and can be the dominant aswell as the submissive part in a role play.

RentMen: What distinguishes you from all the other escorts?
MichaelDyson: That i am not acting something and that the client will know me exactly the way I am. I have no Attitude at all. And that I am not only good in bed , it is also a plasure to talk with me.

RentMen: Tell us about the best experience you have had with a client.
MichaelDyson: A weekend with a mix of great hot and passionated Sex, nice dinner, some culture, Long walks on the beach and great conversations.

RentMen: Any specific erotic interests you feel you are very good at? Describe them?
MichaelDyson: Good kisser, love to suck and get sucked. Love nippleplay from soft to very hard. Into fetish, leather , sportswear. Into Long wild sessions.

RentMen: There are many successful career Escort entrepreneurs. How long have you been an escort and how long do think you’d like to continue?
MichaelDyson: For three years escort allready and planing to do it between 2 and 4 more years.

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What Your Favorite Porn Says About You

Featured Article by Stanley Siegel | September 2012 – Issue 2

You are sitting in front of a computer screen surfing porn sites ready to get off. You sift through scenes and images until you connect to one. Suddenly, every element of desire falls perfectly in line. You become intensely excited, your physical and mental energy sharply focused and shutting out other thoughts. Eventually, you climax.

"The Act of Man" by Barbora Mastrlova

Most of us do not meticulously analyze what just happened. There might be some curiosity about why a certain porn scene turns us on. Typically, after getting off to it, we feel temporarily satisfied and pull ourselves back together.

What actually is happening in that moment when everything clicks? Why does a particular story or scene cause such arousal? Why, for instance, does forced sex with a woman or a very boyish man attract us more than other images?

Sexual fantasies, whether elaborate romantic themes or sporadic images of muscular arms or big breasts, mean much more than we think. Specific erotic images are connections to deeper inner truths long banished from consciousness.

Porn intensely focuses our mental and physical attention, uncovering specific emotions eroticized much earlier in life. Through our sexual fantasies, we attempt to master feelings of powerlessness, shame, guilt, fear and loneliness that have followed us into adulthood. Encoded in the porn scenes that lead us to orgasm are the psychological antidotes to these feelings. Situating ourselves in humiliating, romantic or risky scenes counteracts painful feelings by turning them into pleasurable ones. Psychologically, this happens outside our awareness, the way blood cells heal a cut finger without our knowing it.  Read More