Our newest feature – Send A Membership Gift is here!

splash2Send a Gift of Membership – Surprise Your Favorite Escorts!
Our newest feature – Send A Membership Gift is here!


Clients – Now you can send a Gift of Membership to a favorite Escort or Masseur! You can Gift 1, 2 or 12 months of Membership and get a Premium Client Membership as a Bonus for the same time period! Make his day and show him your appreciation by sending him a Membership Gift! For more information – here!

Escorts – You can share your RentMen Membership Gift address and give it to your Clients so they can donate RentMen Membership time to you. You can find your Gift link on your Profile Page in the Gift Box!

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masseurSplashWhy Massage?
The trend is more Escorts are offering Massage to increase business. More Clients are searching Google for Masseurs.

RentMasseur Mobile
Simple. Efficient. Powerful. Our Mobile version packs a punch. ALL the features of the web version right in your hand. On the go? We’re right there with you. So easy, fast and intuitive RentMasseur Mobile will amaze you.

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Our Award Winning Design Team has done it again – no Masseur site comes close to our simplicity of Design, full list of Features and ease of Navigation. Full screen viewing automatically fits to any device you use. We know you will agree RentMasseur creates the standard that others will strive to follow.

GPS Location Based Search
Find your Masseur no matter where you are. In a city or rural area our Search locates Masseurs near you in order by distance from you. No empty Searches, we display full pages of results every time. More choice is a good thing!

No Nudity Masseur Feature
RentMasseur keeps it G-rated – Certified Masseurs welcome! Of course if you offer Sensual or Erotic Massage you have a private picture gallery for those clients to view.

Full Page Profiles
Profiles that look like you’ve dreamed of. Large, fully visual profiles display your photo”s and personal information like you’ve imagined it should be.

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Rentmen Exclusive Interview: Mike Cruise – Male Escort in NYC

blog-interviewRentMen: Describe your ideal hook up with a client.
Mike Cruise: My ideal hook up with a client is about to happen: My client has booked me for a 4 day trip to Fort Lauderdale with all expenses paid. This client has great taste so I know we’ll go to great places, I can wear my good clothes that he has bought for me and then at night we’ll fuck like wild animals until the sun comes up. Then we’ll do it all over again.

RentMen: What should a client absolutely know about you?
Mike Cruise: Clients should know and those that know me know this already, that I’m going to create fantastic chemistry between us. That’s my job and freakin’ love my job.

RentMen: Any specific erotic interests you feel you have yet to explore?
Mike Cruise: I recently beat the holy fuckin’ shit out of a client with various paddles/whips/stuff. I really got into it. It was kinda scary the beast that I became. The client couldn’t sit down for a week afterwards, but he was smiling during and after the session so I must have done ok.

RentMen: What distinguishes you from all the other escorts?
Mike Cruise:
I’m incredibly giving of myself and my time/energy. I don’t bring my own ego/preconceived ideas into every session. I draw from and add to the situation and create chemistry that is maybe a little surprising but undeniably exciting to client. They almost always come back for more.

RentMen: Do you consider yourself a successful escort?
Mike Cruise: I think I have a lot to learn from some veterans in the industry, and I’m committed to developing a very successful escorting career.

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Seven Dixon & David Anthony


Seven & David – Can’t Improve on Perfection!

One would be hard pressed to find two more physically handsome well built men but what we also love about David and Seven is they are genuinely fine gentlemen. Safe and sane, from romantic to edgy fun – it does not get much better than this! Or find your perfect match from the 1000′s of Men from all reaches of this fine planet on RentMen.com!

Rentmen Exclusive Interview: Bryant – Male Escort in Las Vegas, NV

blog-interviewRentMen: Describe your ideal hook up with a client.
Bryant: I really enjoy being able to go dining out together, and then returning back to the house/hotel with a bottle of something smooth and refreshing, and then getting down to the pleasure. I like the oral and more intimate parts of an encounter as well. It sets the precedent for what comes next.

RentMen: Is experience necessary for escorting?
Bryant: I would hope anyone getting into this has atleast had experience with another guy. I also would say, one should atleast be open to older men as well. Not necessarily in their 80s, but atleast 5-10 years older, depending on your age.

RentMen: How do you handle your dating and personal life while working in the adult industry?
Bryant: It can be a challenge. I prefer to remain discreet, unless I really feel confident in the person. If they don’t get past 3 dates, I won’t reveal to them anything. And I usually don’t do anything during those dates unless it’s clear they just want to hookup.

RentMen: Are there any common misconceptions about the porn and/or escorting industry that you’ve found not to be true?
Bryant: Absolutely. Some think our clients are elderly, hypersexual johns who rule over us with an iron-fist, who are also lonely and can’t get it elsewhere. Not true. Many clients are talented, creative, hard-working, good looking, or simply want someone by only using monetary effort.

RentMen: There are many successful career Escort entrepreneurs. How long have you been an escort and how long do think you’d like to continue?
Bryant: Although I love meeting new guys, and continue to have the drive and motivation to continue, I feel I have been doing escorting long enough. I would like to…without mentioning a date yet, eventually focus on my long-term career, dating and school. Even still, it may be a partial hiatus…where I only arrange meets locally.

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