YES, WE CAN! Tommy & Sean


We all know the importance of freedom and we all fight for it every day – Yes We Can! What is freedom without power? We offer you Tommy & Sean, two of our thousands of powerful Escorts worldwide, who know the meaning of freedom and are ready to show you in a very powerful way. It doesn’t matter who you are, and what you do – RentMen offers strong and powerful escorts, and you are the one who controls the direction. Yes You Can!

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Rentmen Exclusive Interview: Dariomuscled – Male Escort in London, UK


RentMen: Describe your ideal hook up with a client.
Dario: A dinner date which would start with a nice dinner and definitelly some nice wine or drinks then back to the hotel for a few hours of good fun.

RentMen: What should a client absolutely know about you?
Dario: I am not just a great looking guy, I am also a very laid back person and fun to be with. Experienced, confident, and just a nice guy to be with. NOT even think about touching my niples, absolutely hate it.

RentMen: Are there any common misconceptions about the porn and/or escorting industry that you’ve found not to be true?
Dario: Yes. Not because I do escort work means that i am sleazy or a slut. I can ensure you that many gay guys who sre not escorts are a lot more promiscuous than I am, I am quiet conservative in a way.

RentMen: How do you go the ‘Extra Mile’ for your clients?
Dario: specially for those ones who are a bit too nervous you must have a bit of simphathy for them and go the extra mile. Not clock watching them, making them feel comfortable and telling them they are great.

RentMen: What is it like dating while being an escort?
Dario: Not easy, not everyone understand it. But” i make up for it in so many other ways, as i said before i am a great boyfriend and i am definitely worth tthe hassle.

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Not so innocent man in London


We would like to introduce you Pablo Jose – Latin escort in London, United Kingdom. If you’re far away – don’t worry, he is always travelling as he says: ,,I can accommodate in my flat around Green Park Station or visit you”. He is available for escort services, stripping, modeling, erotic & non-erotic massage.


Pablo describes himself as a bit kinky but also quite romantic. Open-minded with a variety of interests! Professional and well-educated, clean and safe. Currently studying at University. Physically he is tall 6.3, 187 lbs, totally masculine with XL of power. Keeping nice toned athletic body by working out 4-5 times a week.


We asked Pablo which are the five things he can’t live without and here is his answer: ,,The first thing is my work out. It puts a smile on my face and offer fuel to my body. The second thing is the yoga. It keeps me sane and grounded. The third thing is my work – it gives me a purpose. Next – a good book. Offers me escape time. The last thing is my time, recharges my batteries. ”

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When Is The Right Time To Be A Diva?

Everyone has boundaries. They’re almost crucial if we ever want to live a happy life. They tell people around us when to stop pushing our buttons and when to push a little further. If we don’t set them early, we risk the possibility of letting others decide where they lie. From there on, it’s easy to let people walk all over us.

gay guys diva When Is The Right Time To Be A Diva?

But there’s a downside. Everyone deserves to know how valuable they are, but coming off too strong has the potential of leading us down the wrong path. We’ve all had diva moments in our lives. Trust me, I’ve had my share and I enjoyed every second of it. Being able to speak freely about what you want, what you deserve, and what your standards are makes you feel in control of the situation. But being a diva is an art, believe it or not, and it’s more than just about getting your way.

Let’s talk seriously here. The line between being a diva and being a bully is very thin, and the one thing that separates it is respect. If a diva “moment” lacks respect, it’s not going to be pretty. The art isn’t about getting everything you want. It’s about stating where your boundaries lie. Period.

The term “diva” has evolved over the last few decades. What used to be defined as a “famous female opera singer” has since turned into an attitude. The same attitude it takes to own the stage (without microphones I might add) and sing an aria over a 20-piece orchestra. This image is what we all strive to live up to: strength, confidence, fearlessness, all of which is rooted by a deep understanding of their value.

There isn’t necessarily a right time to be a diva, but there is always a right way. It’s measured by how you make a person feel. A diva who seeks out to get what she wants without any consideration for others isn’t a diva. They’re a #bitch. But that’s a whole other article.

A diva demands respect, but they’ll give it in return. They tell it like it is, but will listen just as strongly. They make it known where their boundaries lie, but will never embarrass anyone in the process. Those who possess these qualities not only receive the adoration they’re attitude calls for, but they gain the respect they know they deserve.

Knowing our value and self-worth is the most important quality any human being can have. Without it, we’re vulnerable to repeating our mistakes. As we grow older, it becomes clear. When you come across a situation you’ve experience before, that’s the moment our boundaries reveal themselves. It’s easy to backtrack into our old habits if we don’t make a change, which is why our limits must always be defined.

At the end of the day, the ones who set their limits are the happiest people in the bunch. They refuse to repeat mistakes. They’ve been there, done that, and learned from it. But a real diva knows that the only person with the power of breaking their limits is them. They exist on a higher plane because they know they’ve earned it. This is what makes the world look up to them, and we should all strive to be such an example.