The Stars Align in Chicago!

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Get closer to the stars this weekend – RentMen is proud to be sponsoring two Parties this weekend with award winning Producer Christian Owen in Chicago as the ‘Stars’ converge this weekend for the Grabby Awards and IML. Want to meet Matt, Alexander, Rocco, Seamus and Dakota and many more? This weekend is proud to welcome you to Chicago to take a photo, have a drink and party with your favorite stars – maybe you are the next one! Click here for more details!

Not in Chicago? No worries, we have Stars of all sorts all over the world, just visit and get closer!

Click here for the full campaign! Sponsoring two Parties during 2015 Grabby Weekend! is proud Sponsor of two Parties hosted by Award Winning Producer Christian Owen during the 2015 Grabby Awards being held this Saturday, May 23th at Metro in Chicago. It will be a weekend full of gay porn stars, parties and live shows. For those of you who will be in Chicago for the Grabby Weekend here are our two sponsored events! You should walk on friday (May 22, 2015) to Progress Bar for Christian Owen’s PORN STAR Party at 7pm, proudly sponsored by RentMen. Christian Owen and RentMen Progress Bar: 7pm – 10pm, $5 Suggested Donation benefiting Fred Says. Christian Owen with appearances by Rocco Steele, Alexander Gustavo, Armond Rizzo, Dakota Wolfe, Seth Santoro, David Benjamin, Jimmy Durano, Johnny V, Mike De Marko, Seamus O’Reilly, Billy Santoro, Joey D. You can not affor to miss the FETISCH PARTY (May 22, 2015 at 11:30pm) too! FETISCH-PARTY Touche: 11:30pm onward. Hosted by Christian Owen featuring dancers Jimmy Durano, Alexander Gustavo, Dakota Wolfe with LIVE Show by Billy Santoro and Seth Santoro. Enjoy the night!

Escort Q: I really messed up. What do I do now?

Thanks for writing.
We all mess up, even the best of us.
How you handle a mistake can often overshadow the mistake itself.
First, apologize immediately and acknowledge what happened.
Second, no excuses. You can explain what happened (I failed because of x, y or z).
Third, say how you will avoid the mistake again.

For me, my first big mistake was taking a visitor when I was exhausted. I wanted to please him because he had been very patient. But when he arrived, I was unprepared and my performance was sloppy.
Now I know not to take people when I am tired.

You may offer free time as a part of a future session. Don’t offer a free session though. The visitor will not respect you if you do, because you devalued your time so steeply. That’s over-compensating.

Then put on some nice music and relax. The error is done, you can’t change it, and you have to move on. Try better next time.

RENTMEN NOW – BradDylan & YoursBriefly


While the pace of modern life provides us with new values and creates new habits RentMen works with what’s most important – the NOW. The presence of mind that provides the most special moments – what’s happening right Now. Are you into a college athlete with a mature look like Heath, or a sweet polite all American guy like BradDylan? Be in the moment, you can have it now. Wherever you are and whatever you want there are thousands of RentMen expecting you to share the Now, right NOW!

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Neon for the summer

Escort: Maximos >>

Aren’t you excited for swimsuit season? Whether you plan to lounge poolside or at the beach, you will definitely stand out when you wear a neon swimsuit. Neon colors are having a big moment right now, which makes it super simple to find one you love. Still need some inspiration? We think you’ll find what you want and need here.

Are we still talking about swimsuits?


Escort: Shay Michaels >>
Photo Courtesy of Colt Studio Group


Escort: Dario Owen >>

Burn bright where the sun doesn’t shine!

Escort Q: How much Profit justifies a travel trip?

Thanks for writing. Less than 2 percent of your male escort experience will be super-rich dates taking you around the world and buying you everything to whim and delight you. Most of the time, if you are a full-time professional, you will have to consider the business like a business. Cost-benefit analysis, effort vs. risk. So! When traveling, how much money justifies the cost of the trip? That’s entirely up to you.

Me personally, I aim for a profit of 6x what I spend on transportation to a location and the housing/hotel costs. So if it costs $30/day to travel somewhere, and 100/day for hotel, 130×6, I would have to make 780/day average to justify the cost of my trip. Some professionals I know are happy with 2x costs, or 3x cost. Again, what are you willing to work for? Before each trip, I take careful note and research how to lower my overhead costs (such as deciding whether to get a rental car or not).

Now I don’t know about you, but that can be alot of work for some! Some of you may get overnights (ranging from 1000-1500 a night), plus your date may cover the hotel. But this is very rare and cannot be relied on. Mostly it will be checking your phone, keeping your ad (ads) up, and canvassing the internet to generate interest. Don’t think that travel is all about sitting in your hotel room waiting for a call! You need to hit the gym to stay fit. Eat well. And be seen! Go around town! Let people physically see you in places where they will talk about you. If a bar needs a go-go dancer for 2 hours, say yes! If a well-connected local invites you out to lunch, say yes!

A good testing ground is to pick a city you have interest in (say Dallas) and go for a semi-working-vacation. Put up your ad, see how many hits you get. It’s also a good way to weed out weirdos and bad callers, which will try new visitors first who are not prepared for their bs. Ultimately, you have to take a risk that you will fail. You can plan forever but until you test the waters, you won’t really know.

Escort Q: How often should I change my look?

Thanks for writing. There are benefits to having a reputation as a male escort. You can have trust, reliability and a higher quality of visitors who want a higher quality professional.

The flip side is that many (and I mean many) potential callers will be on the fence about hiring you and will wait (sometimes years) and then not hire you for the fact that you have been around for so long. It’s illogical, but it’s predictably human.

So! Like all long-time brands, it’s a good idea to put on a fresh face every 2-3 years. You can streamline this by being actively engaged in projects outside of escorting that your public watches (such as building a separate business brand, being an artist, being an athlete, etc). so they see you changing. You can try on new identities and service options every 2-3 years. New photos, a new ad entirely, scratch all your reviews and start fresh. You’ll get to keep your friends and seem new.

Every 7 to 10 years, you need to abandon your name and image. Break free, give yourself room to be someone new. Don’t change your name (people will recognize your face and find it irritating or disingenous). Not because you’re not excellent (and alot of older men are hotter and more skilled than their younger counterparts), but because this is a luxury business where many visitors shop by emotion, impulse and the need for something fresh and new, even if they have never met you. It’s largely about perception of new