Rentmen Exclusive Interview: LeoSweetwood– Male Escort in NYC


RentMen: What do you enjoy most in your escort work?
LeoSweetwood: I get to provide intimacy, love, compassion, and kindness to all my clients. I feel I’m chosen not because of my physical qualities but because of my personality. I’m very nice, understanding, humble, and can hold a conversation.

RentMen: Describe your ideal hook up with a client.
LeoSweetwood: I prefer overnight clients and the boyfriend experience. This allows me to get to know the client better and learn what his likes and dislikes are. It also give me the opportunity to develop an in-depth relationship with them so hopefully they will see me again.

RentMen: Hobbies, fetishes you like and services you offer / prefer.
LeoSweetwood: I love to give massages, I’ve been told I have a natural gift when it comes to it. Massages are a great ice breaker for new clients or people who have never hired an escort. I get to ask them questions and they get to ask me questions. Then when it comes to getting more intimate they feel more comfortable.

RentMen: What has been your best escorting experience?
LeoSweetwood: Most of my regulars are always a great experience. They have become like friends. I know intimate details about them and vice versa. We go shopping together, dinner, and even travel. But at the end of our time they know this is a business.

RentMen: How do you handle your dating and personal life while working in the adult industry?
LeoSweetwood: I have been single for 4+ years so and I’m not really looking for a boyfriend but if someone sparks my interest I would definitely consider going on a date or potentially investing in a long term relationship.

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Welcome To Paradise – Shay & Evan

Welcome To Paradise – Shay & Evan

We found Shay & Evan on a deserted stretch of tropical beach ready for uber relaxation and fun – care to join them for some playtime in the sun? Imagine the possibilities! Or you can find your own playmates and create your own private paradise from any of the 1000’s of other RentMen from all over our blue planet – only!

Rentmen Exclusive Interview: JakeJenningsXXX – Male Escort in Tampa, FL


RentMen: How do you discuss safer sex practices, testing, boundaries and limitations, and your sex life in general when it comes to clients and hookups?
Jake: The safety of the client is utmost. I tell all of my clients that if I were to cheat a rule at any moment, it could cost the health of many, including myself. Especially for married men, this is an absolute that I do not yield on. I do not have unsafe sex with anyone except my partner. We are tested every three months to ensure that the smaller STI’s are not present and well to reaffirm that we are HIV/HepC neg.

RentMen: Are there any common misconceptions about the porn and/or escorting industry that you’ve found not to be true?
Jake: That every model is HIV positive and has zero feelings. We are people too. We just happen to have the ability to do what most people can not therefore we are judged.

RentMen: What is/are your specialty/specialties?
Jake: I cum like a horse! Regarding blow jobs, you can stay there for an hour if you like! I can cum when ready! Lets not get in a hurry here!

RentMen: Where was your most recent over the top best fuck? (top or bottom) and tell us about your most absolutely best orgasm?
Jake: My best is with my husband. There was a time that I cam inside him. He turns around, sits on my face, and squeezes the cum right back into my mouth. I had a complete second orgasm.

RentMen: Tell us a little about yourself, if you were to pick something what would you like your clients to absolutely know about you?
Jake: I am just a guy. Maybe to you I am more than that but at the end of the day, just I guy. I listen well because at times I need to talk. I laugh because it makes others laugh. I cum because it makes others cum. ;-)

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What You Need to Know Before Coming Out of the Closet


Without a doubt, the most common question I get is, “How do I come out?”
For closeted people, it’s more than a question – it’s a brain-eating amoeba that chews away at your hope and sanity.

In my opinion, there is no right or wrong way to come out.

Sure, there are less stressful ways to come out – like telling your best friend in private as opposed to your homophobic mom finding gay porn on the computer – but in the end, your secret is out and you’re forced to deal with it.

And so you grow and you learn – two words synonymous with fear. Think about it: How can you grow up emotionally without ever feeling nervous or scared?

The way I see it, the more scared you are, the bigger the opportunity to learn. And coming out is TERRIFYING for most of us!

But before I tell you  how to come out, I should tell you that not everyone deserves to know you’re gay.

If homosexuality is illegal in your country or puts you in physical danger, start exploring avenues of escape before revealing yourself. And if you’re reading this, it already means you’re doing your research!

Now, when you’re ready to come out, I’ve got a few ways you can do it…

The Band-Aid Technique

The best way to come out is like ripping off a Band-Aid. It’s going to hurt, but the sooner you get that initial shock and pain over with, the sooner you can deal with it and move on.

Many times we struggle to come out because there’s no way to fit it in the conversation. There’s no “open door” so to speak.

I always thought I had to somehow divert the topic to something like gay marriage. The truth is, if you’re even considering coming out to this person, you probably already know their opinion of gay people.

Instead of waiting for an open door, create your own door. Take a deep breath, spit it out like word vomit and just go with it.

The “Worst Case Scenario” Technique

Being closeted gives us a lot of time to think of worst-case coming out scenarios.

I want you to come up with the absolute worst: getting kicked out of the house, everyone hating you and rejecting you, the life you know ceasing to exist.

Now start creating your New Life Plan based around this scenario. Where could you work or live in case you were cut off? What would be your next step? Having a plan of sorts will increase your confidence and make you feel less afraid.

Then, when you come out and realize it’s not as bad as you thought, you can relax a little. If it is as bad as you thought, you have a plan.

The One-on-One Technique

People act differently in a group than when they’re alone.

I remember one time, shortly before 8th grade graduation, the school bully and I found ourselves alone by the lockers. This guy had made junior high a living hell for me.

But instead of tormenting me, he simply said, “I’m scared of high school. I don’t know what to expect.”

It was a moment of total honesty I will never forget.

I think everyone is more open and honest when they’re alone – even your mom and dad act differently when they’re not around each other. Get to know your parents as individuals, and they might surprise you.

Coming out to more than one person at a time puts you at risk of feeling intimidated or alienated. You don’t want to feel like you’re being backed into a corner.


The great thing about coming out is that any other challenge you face seems small in comparison.

RentMen Trusted Escort Reviews


RentMen Trusted Escort Reviews

Hello guys, the team of is proud to announce the official launch of our newest feature: Trusted RentMen Reviews. Read and submit escort reviews in their profiles or in our review search page:

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Letterio & Seamus O’Reilly


Roll In The Hay with Letterio & Seamus

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